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Remedios and Transito discuss architecture

Remedios and Transito are slouching toward Bethlehem. They are both wearing torn jeans they found in the trash somewhere. The sky is grey. The air is grey. Crumbling buildings loom around them. Transito says: Those towers look like dicks. Remedios says: That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. Transito says: Maybe so. They walk on […]

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gender mutiny is the aborted fætus of the gender binary’s heteromonogamous mating.

“Holla Back, Gurl”

Being a Public Notice Regarding the Free Play of Forms-of-Life, the Cessation of Hostilities, and Information of Contact

Whereas the gender mutiny collective, in its imperious swerve towards doing-being totally serious negative theory, invites correspondence both friendly and inimical but never hostile;

Whereas the gender mutiny collective has of late made encounters in the space-time continuum with certain singularities whose penchants lean towards forms-of-life both friendly and inimical to its own;

Whereas a number of these convergences have regrettably transpired in absentia of the mutual exchange of contact information;

Let the public be hereby notified that the afforementioned correspondence may be initiated via dragn||riseup||net.

In utmost sincerity,

the Undersigned


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