gender mutiny is the aborted fetus of the gender binary’s heteromonogamous mating.
our offspring, borne of wimmin’s semen and the menstrual blood of men, are blind maggots gnawing at the rotting pillars of Capitalism.
gender mutiny is the liberation of the sexed/sexist body, destroying Sex itself, for the proliferation of fucking.

the gender mutiny website was formed to document the great baltimore transsurrection of ’09, an uprising incited by the forcible removal of a trans man from the bathroom of a baltimore gay bar on january 30th of that year. we continue our struggle in the spirit of that uprising and of the compton’s riot, the stonewall riot, the street transvestite action revolutionaries, the cross-dressing irish resistance.

we are dedicated to overturning the transphobic space of heteropatriarchal society, one toilet at a time.

be advised: no internet-mediated experience is liberating.
off the computers and into the bathrooms!


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