gay bar receives death threats from angry queers

baltimore MD

Outraged queers and trannies have been sending threatening letters to the management of Club Hippo, a Baltimore gay nightclub whose staff forcibly removed a trans man from the men’s bathroom on January 30th, according to sources close to the management.

The threatening letters have been flowing into the office in the aftermath of the incident, during a surge of actions against trans discrimination. Some of the letters threatened boycott or picketing against the club. Others, according to our source, threatened violence and murder against the management. All demanded redress for the anti-trans incident. Also since January 30th, posters reading “equal bathroom rights for all” have appeared on the doors of the club. The posters appear to be impossible to remove. 

“We do not condone violence,” stated a representative of Baltimore Team Trans, a group of activists working to challenge gender-segregated spaces. “And we’re asking that these letters please stop. Of course,” the activist added, “we can’t stop the fire.” 

“We’re pissed, alright?” spat a furious queer, who is a member of an underground queer insurgent network and asked to remain anonymous. “This time it was threatening letters. Next time we’ll chain toilets to the front doors of the bar. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll hold a piss-in.” When asked what that entailed, the queer replied, “It means a bunch of–trannies pissing on the–dance floor!” (expletives removed).

The management of Club Hippo declined to comment.


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