taking over the means of reproduction

“Let us abolish the gendarme[!]”

– Errico Malatesta, Democracy and Anarchy (1924)

which literally means, abolish the armed french policemen (agreed!), but the author also intended: abolish the gender[!]

fuck marxism:  we destroy the means of production and take over the means of reproduction. we render our bodies sterile and give birth to aborted cyborg genderkill babies that live only in ones and zeros and dreamworlds.

the marxist dialectical theory of history is a mental masturbatory fantasy based on heteromonogopatriarchal babymaking.   observe the similarity:

  • man + wife -> baby
  • thesis + antithesis -> synthesis

in conclusion, marx was probably not a trannie.

some cold, hard facts:

  • 55% of corn and soy grown in the “united” states is used as animal feed in the production of animal products, 90% of its calories being lost before it’s consumed in the form of meat, egg, and dairy products.
  • 56% of human labor in the “united” states is used in the production of binary gender ideology, 90% of its creativity being lost before it’s consumed in the form of male and female and unisex gender-enhancement products.

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