Communiqué #0110 | Leaving normalization behind: Notes towards genderfuck

We must reject all normalization—without illusions. What’s needed is not passivity, and even far less activism, but a putting-into-practice of inoperative rupture, a negation of the logic of normalization in all its forms. In the realization of zones of offensive capacity, we destroy those who would have us give up the singular ecstasy of desiring bodies for the banality of reformism. Every smashed window is a refusal to negotiate, a blow against the structure of the mileu, a recognition of the inoperative teleology inherent in the articulation of becomings.

To those who deride the immanent joy in an act of public sex or a car set aflame, we propose nothing less than to shatter their pathetic impotentiality, without looking back. The compulsive representation proposed to us is like a bad joke, and instead of laughter we respond with riot. This is a call to insurrection, not an insistence on mobilization. Our desire to genderfuck is less the articulation of a concept than the elaboration of a line of flight.

Confronted with those who neglect to recognize themselves in our orgies of destruction, we offer neither dialogue nor sympathy but only social war. It is necessary to commence in secret; not to dream of new ways to organize, but to make manifest the subterranean communes in the heart of each wild orgy.


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