How is it, to be done in the ass?

The urge to shit is also a whatever urge.*
– Bakunin

We have been robbed of our anuses, just so they can turn them into parts for their ignominious machine which produces Capital, exploitation, and the Family.  Reduced to its most practical biological functions the anus is becoming fortress—impenetrable, singular, productive. Our very excrement is assigned commercial value—so many nutrients per cubic foot, average moisture content, cost of processing.

To reject the commodity logic of shit, we embrace the anus becoming flower—pleasurable, penetrable, commune.  The anus has five muscles; the flower, five petals; the fist, five fingers. The anus is the common sexual nexus, an enclosure in the commons of pleasure.  We refuse the mediation of our anuses under the logic of biopower, instead unveiling their insurgence by elaborating a logic of scat.  In other words, the anuses of our revolt are scatological rather than biological.

The human strike blossoms at every point of rupture; which is to say, at every point of emergence.  Let us speak of the anal rupture, the emergence of fecal matter from our bodies.  The human scatological strike will produce nothing in the act of defecation; while leaving nothing behind but an empty rectum.  In the space of this void, we become whatever singularities.†† Our feces, freed from the logic of capital, take lines of flight toward police, while our anuses, no longer mere appendages of flesh upon a machine of nitrate circulation, are filled with found objects.  Our anuses becoming… cumming glitter, shit, whatever.


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. / \     the pentagon bumfuck committee

The Mona Lisa

† Leonardo Da Vinci sketched the relations of anus, fortress, flower in a series of three drawings in his notebooks.  What Da Vinci glimpsed was the struggle between the anus-becoming-fortress and the anus-becoming-orchid.  Roses really smell like poo poo. See Sims.

‡ Biopower refers to the practice of modern states and their regulation of their subjects through “an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugations of bodies and the control of populations.” thx wikipedia via Foucault you fucker.

†† Whatever, singularities.


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