the chaos and blackness

Hearken unto me, fellow creatures.  I who have dwelt in a form unmatched with my desire, I whose flesh has become an assemblage of incongruous anatomical parts, I who achieve the similitude of a natural body only through an unnatural process, I offer you this warning: the Nature you bedevil me with is a lie.  Do not trust it to protect you from what I represent, for it is a fabrication that cloaks the groundlessness of the privilege you seek to maintain for yourself at my expense.  You are as constructed as me; the same anarchic Womb has birthed us both.  I call upon you to investigate your nature as I have been compelled to confront mine.  I challenge you to risk abjection and flourish as well as have I.  Heed my words, and you may well discover the seams and sutures in yourself.

– Susan Stryker
“My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Performing Transgender Rage”


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