doing-being nothing

Might we all just be better off dead?

after the guillotine falls
consciousness lingers for twenty seconds
eyes still blinking

every new world brought into being
every creative birth
every becoming
a stillbirth

That whatever we could want is always already lost; that we are so many bodies flung into dark; that the question remains how to live now that death has passed over us. These and more will be themes of lecture, debate and performance presented by the Queer Negation Tour.

The tour is coming; the end is already come.

Oct 23-24th Tacoma

25th-27th- Seattle

28th-29th- Olympia

CONFIRMEDNovember 2nd: Winona- Julia

3rd: Minneapolis- NEED A SPACE

CONFIRMED 4th: Madison- LGBT Outreach Center after party at Plan B

CONFIRMED 5th: Milwaukee- Brewing Grounds For Social Change

CONFIRMED 6th: Chicago- Ryry’s place SHOPPING

7th: Bloomington-

CONFIRMED 8th: Bloomington- Boxcart Books

9th: Bloomington-

CONFIRMED 10th: Columbus- Sporeprint Infoshop

CONFIRMED 11th: Oberlin University- lecture, Intro to kink workshop(heather) and a PLAY PARTY! just for us

Contacted 12th: Detroit- Lance NEED A SPACE

13th: Toledo- NEED A SPACE

14th: Pitt City- ? NEED A SPACE

15th: day off

Confirmed16th: New York-Bluestockings

Confirmed 17th: New York – NYU

Confirmed 18th: Philadelphia-Wooden Shoe Books

19th: Philadelphia-

20th: Baltimore- Porter NEED A SPACE

Confirmed 21st: Frederick- Frederick community center

21st- 4:30pm to 9 Frederick Maryland 4 east church st community room B

22nd: Richmond- ?

Confirmed 23rd: Carrboro- Internationalist Bookstore, 7 pm– maybe also UNC (in progress)

24th: Asheville- In progress

25th: Asheville- day off

26th: Lexington- Don NEED TO TALK WITH DON

27th: Louisville- Ariel ?

28th: St. Louis- Chris and Scott ?

29th: Drive the fuck back to milwaukee and trash talk.


November 2nd: Winona, MN
3rd: Minneapolis, MN – 3pm / Walker Library Meeting Room (upstairs)
4th: Madison, WI – LGBT Outreach Center / after party at Plan B
5th: Milwaukee, WI – Brewing Grounds For Social Change
8th: Bloomington, IN – 6:30pm / Boxcar Books
10th: Columbus, OH – Sporeprint Infoshop
11th: Oberlin University, OH
14th: Pittsburgh, PA – 5pm / The Big Idea
16th: New York, NY – 7pm / Bluestockings Bookstore
17th: New York, NY – NYU
18th: Philadelphia, PA – 7pm / Wooden Shoe Books
20th: Baltimore, MD
21st: Frederick, MD – 4:30pm / 4 East Church St / Community Center / room B
22nd: Washington, D.C. – 6pm / DC Center @ 13th & U
23rd: Carrboro, NC – 7pm / Internationalist Bookstore
24th: Asheville, NC – 7pm / Boba Gallery
26th: Nashville, TN
27th: Louisville, KY
30th: Milwaukee, WI – 6pm / Cream City Collectives 732 E. Clarke St


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