creation stories, narratives of destruction

the system of heteromonogopatriarchal reproduction is maintained around the false dichotomy of creation/evolution

creationism posits the creation of the universe by God in 7 days.

it is the central ideology of the conservative Christian Right.
in this construct:
* male/female sexes are Divine Law
* heteromonogopatriarchal reproduction is Divine Duty
* any non-reproductive act (abortion, sodomy, oral sex, transsexualism, bdsm, birth control) is life-destroying, Sinful

procreationism posits the creation of Life through procreation (DNA as God) in 4 billion years.

it is the ideology which is commonly called “evolutionism”
it is the central ideology of scientific liberalism – the moderate/reformist middle
in this construct:
* male/female sexes are Biological Law
* heteromonogopatriarchal reproduction is Duty to the Species
* abortion, sodomy and transsexualism are Tolerated, in the spirit of liberalism

much is made of the ideological conflict between creationism and procreationism
we hear much about struggles over which will be taught in school to indoctrinate the minds of children

but the two “conflicting” ideologies have more in common than in conflict:
* both posit that life is created through the heteromonogopatriarchal reproductive act
* both posit that heterosexuality is necessary for our very existence
* both posit that “two two sexes” form the basis for reproduction, for the species, for life itself

these creation stories are violent ideology.
life exists not because of reproduction or the male/female sexes,
rather, life exists by definition and through imagination.

far from forming the basis of life itself,
male/female sexes are born of life imagining itself.
the imagining of gender can be found in the ancient creation stories of pre-patriarchal societies.

we are not offering another creation story.
what we have, what each of us has, is our own narrative of destruction.
unlike the creation story, it is yet to be written.

as you write yours, remember:
imagination is the process through which every persyn’s gender has been created.
so, we do not say that some people’s genders are real, and others are not.
gender is imagined.
the Sexes are imagined.

remember too: very often, what is imagined can become very real.

this is where we stand, the gender mutineers.
think mutinous thoughts.
imagine throwing the captain overboard.
the captain can be whatever you desire it to be.
gender mutiny is what we are making real,
what we manifest.

please be advised: no internet-mediated experience is liberatory. act accordingly.


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gender mutiny is the aborted fætus of the gender binary’s heteromonogamous mating.

“Holla Back, Gurl”

Being a Public Notice Regarding the Free Play of Forms-of-Life, the Cessation of Hostilities, and Information of Contact

Whereas the gender mutiny collective, in its imperious swerve towards doing-being totally serious negative theory, invites correspondence both friendly and inimical but never hostile;

Whereas the gender mutiny collective has of late made encounters in the space-time continuum with certain singularities whose penchants lean towards forms-of-life both friendly and inimical to its own;

Whereas a number of these convergences have regrettably transpired in absentia of the mutual exchange of contact information;

Let the public be hereby notified that the afforementioned correspondence may be initiated via dragn||riseup||net.

In utmost sincerity,

the Undersigned


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