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gender mutiny is the aborted fætus of the gender binary’s heteromonogamous mating.

“Holla Back, Gurl”

Being a Public Notice Regarding the Free Play of Forms-of-Life, the Cessation of Hostilities, and Information of Contact

Whereas the gender mutiny collective, in its imperious swerve towards doing-being totally serious negative theory, invites correspondence both friendly and inimical but never hostile;

Whereas the gender mutiny collective has of late made encounters in the space-time continuum with certain singularities whose penchants lean towards forms-of-life both friendly and inimical to its own;

Whereas a number of these convergences have regrettably transpired in absentia of the mutual exchange of contact information;

Let the public be hereby notified that the afforementioned correspondence may be initiated via dragn||riseup||net.

In utmost sincerity,

the Undersigned


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